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NFTAC - Constitution


Norwegian Field Target & Airgun Club - Constitution

1) The name of the organisation will be the Norwegian Field Target & Airgun Club, hereafter referred to as the NFTAC.

2) The NFTAC will remain a solitary body, devoid of membership to other national associations. This criteria can only be changed by a 100% vote in favour, by the membership.

3) Aims of the NFTAC are :-

Maalet med NFTAC er som følger :-

* To act as the National Governing Body for Airgun Field Target Shooting in Norway.

Være National styrende organet for Airgun Field Target Skyting i Norge.

* To promote & support the sport of Airgun Field Target Shooting in Norway, and globally through the World Field Target Association (WFTF).

Fremme og støtte sporten Airgun Field Target Skyting i Norge, og globalt gjennom World Field Target Association (WFTF).

* To encourage the the membership of individuals in Norway.

Oppmuntre til medlemskap av individer i Norge.

* To provide safety, and competition rules.

Gi sikkerhets og konkurranseregler

* To assist and provide guidance for members in conducting local, regional & national competitions.

Bistå og gi veiledning for medlemmer i å gjennomføre lokale, regionale og nasjonale konkurranser.

* To co-operate with, and to support any other shooting, sporting or associated body in matters of mutual interest to achieve any of the aforementioned objectives, but without such co-operation or support infringing in any way upon the independence of the NFTAC and/or its members.

Samarbeide med, og for å støtte andre skyting, sportslige eller tilhørende organ i saker av felles interesse for å oppnå noen av de nevnte mål, men uten et slikt samarbeid eller støtte på noen måte er skadelig mot uavhengigheten av NFTAC og / eller dets medlemmer.

4) The NFTAC is a non-profit organisation and will not be be liable for debts of any nature. Any excess of income or over expenditure arising from an NFTAC event or activity will be used to offset NFTAC website rental.

4a) There shall be a nominal membership fee per individual per annum and payable 15th April each year. The fee will per person will equal the cost of website rental divided by the total number of members.

5) The NFTAC committee will comprise an annually elected Main Contact Person, deputy and treasurer from NFTAC members/clubs. The Main Contact Person and treasurer will also act as WFTF delegates for the same year.

6) Voting will be done on the basis of one vote per member, with a 75% majority carrying (with the exception of para.2).

7) The committee will meet once a year (AGM) at a mutually agreed venue and date. Depending on the issues involved, an E-mail conference would be acceptable as an alternative. Each committee member’s agenda should be made available to all other committee members at least one calender month prior to the agreed meeting date.

8) Application by an individual for membership to the NFTAC is subject to acceptance by the NFTAC Main Contact Person, deputy & treasurer.

9) Members must attend and participate in at least one Field Target match per year, strictly following the NFTAC rules.

10) Members are responsible for their own affairs, including safety, liability insurance and conduct in shooting activities.

11) All members are encouraged to submit news items, activities etc., for posting on the NFTAC website.

12) Any member found to be conducting themselves in a manner which is detrimental to safe gun handling, the benefit of and the good name of the NFTAC, may be excluded as members by the NFTAC, following a committee meeting scheduled to address the pertinent actions

13) Amendments to the NFTAC constitution may only be made at the AGM, and only after a 75% majority carrying vote. (with the exception of para.2).