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Field Target - history & current affairs


This web site is intended to give you an insight into Field Target (FT) , and perhaps start you on a path to enjoyable air-rifle shooting.

FT is a sport for the whole family, or at least those physically strong enough to hold an air rifle in a safe manner, and are legally entitled to shoot.

What's required ? An air rifle (with or without telescopic sight), pellets, targets, and bum-bag. 

Here we see two crow targets mounted on trees. Could be anywhere from 9 to 50 mtrs....

(photo courtesy of Kevin Sayers(c))

FT shooter coutesy of The A Team - USA Air rifle ballistics experts

You may be surprised to learn that the price of this basic equipment is not going to put a big dent in your bank account, and after your initial purchase, pellets cost about 12 ?re each.

The competitions that the author has had the pleasure in competing in have been very rewarding experiences, but hastens to add that the social element is just as enjoyable. People from all walks of life congregate at shoot meetings, not only to participate in the event itself, but to equally enjoy exchanging views and tips with other competitors and their families. Reigning, and previous World FT Champions are extremely approachable by all, and are more than willing to engage in conversation and debate, which is refreshingly unique when compared to the elitism often associated with most other sports.

Substantiating when FT was actually born has not been the easiest of tasks, but at least the approximate date has been established as September 1980. A group of airgun enthusiasts congregated in some corner of Sussex, England., and began shooting at paper targets which stood at varying distances from the firing line. Scores were noted by the appointed judges ( who happened to be standing by the side of these targets during the competition !!). Eventually paper targets were replaced by purpose made metal silhouettes of legitimate air rifle quarry in England, and from this point in time FT was truly on its way. The only available power system at that time were 'spring piston' rifles in the guise of the Feinwerkbau 124, Weirauch HW 35, BSA's and Webley's to name but a few. Precharged pneumatics are now the favoured air-rifles, because of their user -friendly characteristics.

Field Target quickly spread to the United States, and now the sport boasts its own World Field Target Federation - the constitution of which you will find in a later chapter. At the time of writing the WFTF comprises 40 National Governing Bodies listed hereunder.

1)         American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) (Member 1998)

2)         English Field Target Association (EFTA)

3)         Norwegian Field Target & Airgun Club (NFTAC) (Member 18th March 1998)

4)         Scottish Air Rifle & Pistol Association (SARPA) (Oldest existing Member 3rd March 1998)

5)         Welsh Airgun & Field Target Association (WAFTA) (Member 1999)

6)         Northern Ireland Field Target Association (NIFTA) (Member 1998)

7)         Dutch Field Target Association (DFTA)

8)         German Bund Deutscher Sportschutzen (BDS)

9)         Polish Field Target Association (PFTA)

10 )     Austrian Silhouette and Field Target Association (ASFA)

11)        Belgian Field Target Shooting Association (BFTSA)

12)        Malta Allied Airgunners Club (MAAC)

13)        National Association for Field Target Russia (NAFTR)

14)        South African Field Target Air-rifle Association (SAFTAA)

15)        Federazione Italiana Discipline Armi Sportive da Caccia (FIDASC)

16)        Lithuanian Field target Shooting Association (LFTSA)

17)        Portuguese Shooting Federation (PSF)

18)        Hungarian Field Target Association (HUFTA)

19)        Spanish Field Target Association (AEFT)

20)     New Zealeand Airgun Field Target Association (NZAFTA)

21)        Canadian Airgun Field Target Association (CAFTA)

22)       Confedera??o Brasileira de Tiro Esportivo (CBTE)

23)       Latvian Field Target Association

24)       Grifon Club Macedonia (Member 2010)

25)       Sofia Field Target Club Bulgaria (Member 2010)

26)       Estonian National Field Target Association

27)       The Airguns Shooting Club Chile

28)       Slovakian Airgun Field Target Association (SAFTA)

29)       Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (SSAA)

30)     Associacion Argentina de Field Target (AAFT)

31)       Association Francaise de Field Target (AFFT)

32)     Shooting Club Zagreb (Croatia)

33)    Swedish Shooting Sports Federation (SSSF)

34)        Asociacion Venezolana de Field Target (Venezuela)

35)        Turkish Field Target & Bench Rest (FTBRTURK)

36)        SK Rojal - Slovenia

37)        Hellenic Shooting Federation (SKOE)

38)        Precision Shooting Assoc. of Colombia (ACTP)

39)        Assoc. Uruguay Field Target (AUFT)

40)        Field Target Ukraine (FTUA)

41)        Club El Salvador Field Target (CESFT)

Because of the speed in which FT has developed in other countries, it is anticipated that membership to the NFTAC by either additional clubs or individuals will soon gain a healthy momentum in this country.


Denne web side er skrevet for aa gi lesere grunnleggende informasjon om luftfeltskyting, eller Field Target. FT er en skytesport for hele familien, eller i det minste for dere som er sterk nok til aa holde et luftgevaer paa en forsvarlig maate, og har lov til aa gjoere det.

Hva behoeves ? Et luftgevaer (med eller uten kikkertkikte), kuler, selvanvisende blinker og en sittepute. Du blir kanskje overrasket av at prisen paa dette utstyret ikke vil toemme bank kontoen din, og etter handelen av utstyr, vil det koste bare 12 oere per skudd.

Stevnene som forfatteren har hatt gleden av aa vaere med paa, har vaert veldig givende erfaringer, og det sosiale samvaeret med andre skyttere var like trivelig. Folk fra alle verdens hjoerner samles paaslike skytestevner, ikke bare for aa skyte men ogsaa for aa utveksle meninger og tips med andre skyttere og deres familier. Naavaerende og fortidens verdensmestere er veldig omgjengelig for alle og er mer enn villig til aa delta i samtaler og debatter. Dette er forfriskende unikt, sammenlignet med eliten i de fleste andre sportsgrener.

Aa dokumentere akkurat naar FT ble etablert har ikke vaert den letteste oppgave aa utfoere, men det ble startet rundt september i 1980. En gruppe luftgevaer skyttere var samlet paa et lite sted i Sussex, England. De begynte med aa skyte paa noen papirblinker som ble satt opp paa forskjellige distanser fra skytterlinja. Resultatene ble skrevet ned av utnevnte dommere, som stilte seg opp ved siden av hver blink under konkurransen - snakk om tillit til skytteren !! Etter hvert ble papir blinkene byttet ut med selvanvisende figurer som ble laget spesielt til luftgevaer og fra da av var FT underveis.

Det eneste tilgjengelige kraft system paa den tida var fjaergevaerer i form av Feinwerkbau 124, Weihrauch HW35 og 77, BSA og Webley for aa nevne noen merker. Komprimmert luftsystem er naadet som folk bruker mest, pga. Deres rekylfri og brukervennlige egenskaper.

Field Target spredte seg raskt til USA, og har naa sitt eget Verdens Field Target Forbund den konstitutionelle struktur kan du finne i et senere kapittel. I skrivende stund WFTF (World Field Target Federation) innbefatter foelgende landsorganisasjoner :- (se over)